Cables & Test Assemblies Built in the UK

To Bay or not to Bay

So you are probably wondering, if EBay is doing so well for us, why have a sales website. Simply put Price, we can reduce our costs by 10% by not selling on EBay, most of this saving is passed back to you in sales price.

Our Standard BMW E60 Aux in cable on EBay will cost you £19.00. we can sell that to you for £17.50 from our website, now this is not a huge saving, but £1.50 is still money in your pocket or an extra litre of fuel at the pump.

We also understand that some customers like the feeling of security and saftey that they get when buying through EBay so for all those please do carry on the way you are happy.

But there is a growing number of customers that simply hate the fact that you can only buy certain things through them and variations or special requests cant really be catered for, also when it comes to trade sales or  bulk discounts EBay simply does not facilitate this into thier service.